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Leverage The POWER of Global Streaming TV with:

- 195 Countries
- Multiple Platforms: App, Roku (OTT), Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Google TV & the Internet - Multiple Devices: Smart TVs, iOS & Android
- Additional Revenue Options: Payment Gateways, Advertising Abilities (AVOD), Affiliate Programs (keep 100% of your earnings, unlike our competitors!!!)
- Video-On-Demand (VOD) & Subscriptions (SVOD)
- Get Promoted
-  Be in Networking Masterminds
- Receive Training
- Get Community Support
- Get Discounted Extra Services & Tools (everything you need all under one roof) 
Turn your MESSAGE into a Global TV Show With Better Advantages Than Anywhere Else!

How We Help Your Brand

If you are an emerging or established brand with a product, service or deeply powerful message to share with the world, then Legrity can help you advertise and market your own TV Shows, Commercials, and Product Placements.

Who We Are

A group of content creators and business professionals formed a company based on everything wanted, needed, and ethical for you.

Rising from unfortunate circumstances to providing integrity, legacy, and community for creators, entrepreneurs, and brands to have a fair opportunity to take their message, products, and services globally. Legrity Media LLC was born for you and the community. 

We are a digital television hosting and distribution service providing, streaming options, revenue options, video-on-demand & live interactive TV, additional services, and original family-friendly shows and events.

Stats You Should Know

How & Where to Watch Legrity TV

Find LEGRITY App on major streaming platforms:
Mobile:  iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile (Google Play), Android Tablet, Amazon Mobile, Amazon Tablet - download the App
OTT:  AppleTV, AndroidTV (Google), Roku, Amazon FireTV
CTV:  Samsung CTV, LG CTV, Philips SmartTV, Sony SmartTV, Shart SmartTV
Panasonic SmartTV, TCL SmartTV
Web Channel:  Desktop/Laptop -

It's Time to Launch Your Own TV Show

It's time to share your "Legacy" with the world. 

Have you always wanted to have you own TV show, Summit, or Special Event?

With Legrity we help you do that... and more.  We help you with more than just entertainment, we help you make an impact and influence.

Attach your brand to an exclusive collective, community of support.

Don't pay more elsewhere... Apply Now!

"Legacy is not what I did for myself. 
It's what I'm doing for the next generation." 
-Vitor Belfort

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